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alpina announced Brand Ambassador William Baldwin in New York City
alpina Geneve was pleased to be in New York City to celebrate the new alpina Extreme Diver Collection with actor, producer, and writer William Baldwin as the new Global Brand Ambassador for alpina’s 2012 advertising campaign.
New York, New York (June 27, 2012)
Swiss luxury watch brand alpina Geneve was pleased to be in New York City to celebrate the new alpina Extreme Diver Collection with actor, producer, and writer William Baldwin as the new Global Brand Ambassador for alpina’s 2012 advertising campaign.

The alpina cabana party celebration took place from 6-8:30PM at The Maritime Hotel North Cabana on June 27th with an announcement by alpina CEO Peter Stas to officially introduce William Baldwin as well as a new partnership with Baldwin’s family charity for breast cancer research - The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.
We were looking for a famous face to support the introduction of our Extreme Diver Collection. With Billy Baldwin, we found a supreme celebrity. Billy is cool and courageous, with the same values of the alpina brand
Peter Stas

On behalf of alpina Geneve, CEO Peter Stas made a donation of ten alpina Extreme Diver Watches to The Carol M. Baldwin Research Fund to be used as auction pieces for their various galas and events raising money for breast cancer research. These special edition Diver watches are produced in a limited quantity of 10 pieces, with an engraved silver plate enclosed in the box featuring The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund Logo. In addition, the case back of the watch also shows the same delicate engraving in tribute to the Carol M. Baldwin Research Fund.

It is truly an honor to work with a brand like alpina …/… They not only represent everything that is bold and innovative, but also that which is caring and giving. I look forward to a successful relationship with them
William Baldwin

The New alpina Extreme Diver Watch is just the first model that William Baldwin will be introducing with the brand. With the recent release of alpina’s New Worldtimer Manufacture, and with other exciting new models in development, Baldwin will be playing a role in future collection roll outs.

The new alpina Extreme Diver is that ideal accessory which combines the elements of diving while delivering a bold, athletic, cool-factor that’s completely unrivalled.
William Baldwin
Alpina Extreme Diver Collection
Keeping time while diving requires very robust professional watches. There is a kind of beauty to the professional diver’s watch that comes from the pure pleasure of engineering excellence. There is nothing superfluous about divers’ watches, except of course the fact that they are engineered beyond the point of mere utility. After all, no human being is ever going to dive to depths beyond 300 meters. There is, however, a marvelous draw to the idea that you can go that deep, if you wanted, with the proper equipment.

To fully appreciate the alpina Extreme Diver, the first thing to do is understand the requirements that define the professional diver’s watch. In this regard, it is possible to define clear parameters and, without resorting to hyperbole, make the case for the true professional diver’s watch. As a general rule, for any regular activities from snorkeling to scuba diving, a diver should always choose a watch with a water resistance rating of at least 200 meters. For the occasional swim, a watch resistant to 100 meters will do. The rationale behind the exceptional water resistance we recommend is that, in general, watches tend to perform differently in real-world situations than they do in the laboratories where they receive their certifications.

The alpina Extreme Diver’s case is made of anti-corrosive materials, has a non-scratch crystal, and is outfitted with extendable wrist straps that can fit over a wet suit.

The bezel of the alpina Extreme Diver is unidirectional, has luminous markers, and is used to set the maximum time a diver plans to be under water. Therefore, it is vital that the setting cannot be accidentally pushed or knocked off. Having it moved in only one direction means that time meant to be spent under water can only be accidentally reduced, but never increased.

For more information please contact Mrs. Yasmina Pedrini, Alpina Public Relations Director at
About William Baldwin
William Baldwin is an American actor, producer, and writer best known for his starring roles in Flatliners, Backdraft, Fair Game alongside Cindy Crawford, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Most recently, Baldwin appeared as Senator Patrick Darling in the TV drama Dirty Sexy Money and as a regular guest on the massively popular teen drama Gossip Girl. Baldwin is the brother of actors Alec, Daniel, and Stephen Baldwin, collectively known as The Baldwin Brothers.
About The Carol M. Baldwin
The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc., supports both new and established researchers investigating the causes, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. This research will include — but not be limited to — studies of the genetic, molecular, cellular and environmental factors involved in the development and progression of breast cancer; application of the knowledge thus gained to educate medical professionals and increase public awareness for the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer; and studies of the outcomes of breast cancer detection and treatment on the patient, their families and society.
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